Brandon is a native of Oklahoma & Kansas, attended undergraduate & professional school in Rochester, NY, and trained & practiced General Surgery before training in Psychiatry. He has lived abroad in England and New Zealand.  With deep respect for global workers, a desire to support the work they do, and a sense of purpose in working to meet their needs, he has moved his wife and two school-aged sons from Oklahoma to Columbia, SC, to join GRC.
Brandon’s passion is to see others experience reconciliation in each of our four basic relationships: with ourselves, with others, with God, and with the rest of creation. Thus, he is awed and humbled to be invited into the internal experience of others, feels great purpose in walking alongside those suffering, and receives great satisfaction in seeing this replaced by thriving. Brandon's thinking is profoundly influenced by the writing and speaking of Dr. Timothy Keller.

He enjoys spending time with immediate and extended family, traveling, hiking & trail biking, playing racquetball & squash, and reading about current events and ideas.