Casey has a heart for people serving cross-culturally. He has experienced the unique challenges and joys of living in multiple cultures at the same time being born in Hong Kong, growing up in Toronto in a Chinese household, serving overseas in East Asia for a couple of years, and now living in Southern culture in USA.

Casey believes that we were created for emotional connection with God, others, and ourselves. His passion and approach is to help couples deepen their emotional connection and responsiveness to each other and as a result experience the love of God more deeply through each other. It is in relationships that our heart is wounded, and it is in relationships that our heart is healed.

Casey is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He obtained his Masters in Counseling at Columbia International University. He has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, which research has shown to be very effective in helping couples in distress.

Currently living in Columbia, SC, Casey enjoys various activities with his wife including being foodies and trying unique foods, playing modern designer board games, watching shows, going for walks, connecting with other people, and, inviting people over for meals.