What is the purpose of GRC’s 2-Day Debrief?

GRC’s 2-Day Debrief is designed to be a preventative maintenance service for global workers returning from a term of service on the field. It is an opportunity to process your past experience, assess your present functioning, and help plan next steps for future success.


What is debriefing?

Global workers typically experience inordinate circumstances serving cross-culturally and reference points for “normal” become blurred. Debriefing is a way to discern which experiences need to be “normalized” and which experiences need further attention or care. It is the process of integrating experiences into identity and life in a healthy way. Debriefing is distinct from counseling in that it does not assume something is wrong or broken. The only assumption is that if a global worker has fulfilled their calling, they will need their “tank filled” or maintenance care. Debriefing is recommended for all global workers upon return from serving overseas. If concerns arise during the debriefing process, a referral or recommendation for follow-up counseling can be made at that time. One of the benefits of debriefing is that it helps discern what the global worker needs, whether counseling, spiritual direction, rest, community, equipping, etc.


If I get a debriefing, will I automatically be referred to counseling?

No. Based on what is revealed during the debriefing process, counseling could be indicated; however, it is never presumed that it is needed.


What makes GRC’s 2-Day Debrief distinct from other organizations offering debriefing?

GRC’s 2-Day Debrief is distinct from other debriefing opportunities in that it is only 2 days, which is shorter than other debriefing options. There is a structure that can be customized and adapted to address the global worker’s concerns or needs. Rather than group debriefs, ours is for the single unit, meaning we assign each worker or family their own debriefer. This can be done for singles, couples, or families with children. (Singles and couples usually have one debriefer while families with children have two.) We are unique in that families with children are debriefed together as a family unit, rather than children being separated into a children’s program while the parents receive debriefing.

The 2-Day Debrief is designed to offer various ways to process mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. We employ various activities to help process including talking, writing, listening, drawing, collaging, reflecting, and praying. There is time for the family to process together, couples to process together, and some individual debrief time as well.

We acknowledge that many global workers would benefit from a more long-term residential group debriefing program. Currently, we know of ten organizations in the U.S. that offer such debriefing programs. GRC’s 2-Day Debrief program is not designed to be a replacement for a more intensive residential program. It is an alternative for those who will not receive any debriefing; those who don’t have the time to do a longer debrief; those who cannot afford a residential debriefing; and those who want to be debriefed with their children together as a family.


How much does it cost, and what about housing and food?

It costs $900 per unit. This is the total cost whether it is a single, a couple, or a family with children; this is not per person. GRC reserves the right to change this fee in the future.

GRC does not provide housing or food as part of the Debrief, so you are welcome to arrange for housing and food that fits your needs. We have found that most of the families that we serve have some type of dietary restrictions, so you are welcome to bring your own snacks and lunches with you to the Debrief, or you can eat out at a local restaurant.

Our Debriefs occur either at our offices in North Columbia at 7520 Monticello Road or at one of two partnering churches in downtown Columbia, depending on the size of the family and the availability of our office space on those days.

When making arrangements for a hotel, most of our clients choose somewhere in Northwest Columbia called Irmo, SC, which has a mall and every type of chain restaurant and hotel; Northeast Columbia, Blythewood or Killian, which is suburban; or downtown Columbia, which is a bit more cosmopolitan (for South Carolina). Various people on our staff have different preferences for these three areas, but they are all sufficient choices. They are also about the same distance from the GRC office. If debriefing downtown, then a downtown hotel option would be more convenient.


Will we have assignments to work on between sessions?

No, the assignments are included during the sessions. The evening between the two days is a time for rest, whatever that means for the client.