Frequently Asked Questions

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Whom do you serve?

We serve all Christian global workers (those sent to serve cross-culturally) and their immediate family members.

Where do you serve?

Our primary services are counseling and psychiatry delivered online anywhere in the world (outside of the U.S.) where there is internet access. We serve clients all over Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

Our main office is in Columbia, South Carolina, in the United States. At our main office, we offer Counseling, Psychiatry, Spiritual Direction, and 2-Day Debriefs for singles, couples, and families with children. If you are located in the U.S. (outside of South Carolina), you will need to come to our office to receive counseling services. If you are located anywhere outside of the U.S. you can receive counseling online.

Do you still send counselors to Indonesia?

Yes, we send a team to Indonesia every Spring and Fall of each year for about two weeks. The communities may change each trip, but typically visit at least two different communities, if not more, each trip.

What services do you provide?

Click her for a complete list of our services.

How do I get started?

Click on the “Get Started” tab in the main menu and complete the online service request intake form. Please allow 15-20 minutes to complete the form.

Our Intake Team will then:

  • process your request

  • determine if we can meet your needs

  • if so, assign your Care Provider; if not, make other recommendations or referrals

  • connect you directly via email with your Care Provider, who will then contact you to schedule your first appointment

How do I make a referral?

If you know a global worker who needs care, we appreciate you making a referral to GRC. There are three basic types of referrals.

  1. If you just want the global worker to get care, email them the link to our website ( and ask them to complete the secure online intake form to begin the process.

  2. If you need/want any type of report (written or verbal feedback; confirmation of services for financial payment arrangements; or just to confirm that they are receiving care from GRC), then

    1. Ask and have the global worker confirm they are willing to sign the Authorization for Release of Information

    2. Email with the name and contact information (email, phone, etc.) for the person GRC needs to send the report to and the name of the potential client.

    3. Email the global worker a link to our website and ask them to complete the secure online intake form.

  3. If you are an employer or some other form of authority over the global worker and you are requiring them to receive services from GRC for some concern you have, then

    1. Follow the steps above in #2 and include the following step

    2. Email a written summary of your concerns and what topics you would like assessed or addressed with the global worker during their time with GRC, as well as any expectations that you have of GRC in serving your global worker. This ensures that we serve your interests in addressing your concerns and expectations with the client.



How much does it cost?

The cost for the initial assessment for counseling and psychiatry is $200 and each subsequent 1-hour session costs $100 for counseling services.

Spiritual Direction is $50 per session, usually once per month for six months.

2-Day Debrief is $900 per unit (single, couple, or family with children)

Click Here for a complete description of these services.

Do you take insurance?

GRC does not file directly with insurance providers, but can provide written proof that you are engaged with counseling services which you can provide to your insurance company for financial reimbursement. Care providers at GRC are licensed in their respective disciplines. Each insurance company will require different credentials and documentation for financial reimbursement for services. GRC encourages clients to confirm with their individual insurance companies and sending organizations what is considered “covered” or “reimbursable” services.

Is there a sliding scale?

GRC does not provide a sliding scale model, but we do have a scholarship application process to help supplement your ability to pay for services. We encourage you to ask your supporters and sending organization before applying for scholarships to help us ensure we can serve as many global workers as possible.

The scholarship application process begins with completing the online intake form. Upon completion, you will be instructed to email our Finance Department to ask for a scholarship application. You will complete that brief application, GRC will review it, and then let you know the determination of how much we can scholarship you for services.

Please note scholarship money is only applied to counseling and psychiatry services.

Where does my fee for services go?

Payments for services go directly into the general fund which is used to pay for building costs, secure technology requirements that are HIPAA compliant, liability insurance, accounting and legal services, marketing, travel for staff to serve global workers on field, and salaries for some of our staff.



How secure is my information?

GRC values your information and utilizes HIPAA-compliant video, email, and phone platforms meaning that your information is not shared without your written permission. GRC takes extra precaution in protecting your information, but there is always a risk with any video/internet-based counseling or care.

What video-conferencing platform do you use?

GRC utilizes the HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom as our primary platform. Backup platforms include and VSee, which are also HIPAA-compliant.

How secure/private is the video counseling software?

Zoom utilizes complete end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption.

Zoom never has access to your Primary Health Information (PHI) and does not persistently store information that is transmitted.

What does HIPAA compliance mean, and how does Zoom do that?

Click here for more information on Zoom Security and HIPPA compliance.



What is your philosophy of care?

GRC’s Care Providers are all Christians who adhere to the GRC Statement of Faith and are in good standing with a local church. Our staff represent a range of different theological and church backgrounds. All of our counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists are professionals that are licensed in their respective disciplines. Our staff also represent a range of theoretical approaches to counseling and psychiatry, so we try to make sure your Provider is a good fit for you. If for any reason you don’t find your Care Provider a good fit for you or your situation, then please ask for a referral to another Provider.

All of our staff are best described philosophically as taking an integrationist approach to care. This approach integrates Scripture and the science of psychology to best care for our clients. This approach is distinguished from what is commonly referred to as “biblical counseling” and “secular counseling.” “Biblical counseling” only uses Scripture and not the science of psychology. Consequently, “biblical counselors” are not licensed professional counselors. “Secular counseling” only utilizes the science of psychology and not Scripture. This approach requires the Provider to be a licensed professional counselor, but their faith as a Believer may not have an impact on how they provide counseling.

With whom do you share my information?

GRC does not share your information outside of our organization without your written consent. This is typically done through your electronic signature on an Authorization for Release of Information. All written reports will be given to you first for your review before being sent to another party. Because GRC has a team approach to care, client information may be shared among clinical staff so that the most complete and highest quality of care can be provided.

What are the exceptions to confidentiality?

Client safety is a primary concern of GRC. Although GRC values client information and client confidentiality, Care Providers for GRC are considered mandated reporters in that if a client is deemed a risk to harm themselves (suicidal ideations or intent), harm others (homicidal ideation or intent), or is actively engaging or intends to engage in abuse, mistreatment or neglect of the elderly or children, it is the responsibility of the care provider to notify appropriate authorities. This may include police, sending organizations, or referral sources.

How many sessions will I need?

GRC serves clients to help you thrive where you live, work, and play. Every client’s needs are different so the therapeutic process may only require 2-4 sessions or it may require regular sessions over a year or two. The amount and frequency of sessions is determined by collaboration between the client and the Care Provider. GRC always encourages clients to advocate and communicate their needs to the Care Provider so that the most effective course of action can be taken.



What do all those letters mean after everyone's name?

LPC = Licensed Professional Counselor

LPC-A = Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

LMHC = Licensed Mental Health Counselor

LMFT = Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

LCSW = Licensed Clinical Social Worker