On The Wings of a Snow White..... Cessna?

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If you are a country or gospel music fan, you are most likely familiar with the song “Wings of a Dove” written in 1958 by Bob Ferguson. It was first recorded by Ferlin Husky and hit Number One on the country music charts in 1960.  Because of it’s popularity, many other country artists throughout the years have also recorded it.  The first verse reads, “On the wings of a snow white dove. He sends His pure sweet love. A sign from above. On the wings of a dove.“ Harkening back to this song, this story comes from one of our skilled care providers who is also an avid aviator.

That we at GRC spend many hours in airplanes trying to get to global workers is just a fact of member care life; trips of four thousand, eight thousand miles are routine; ten, even 14 hour legs are not uncommon. After all, to get to the global worker we have to fly, right?

He is referred by a member care counselor from another sending agency; he had been placed on a medication by his family doctor in the US, which has greatly helped him be able to do his work. The medication is not available in his country of service. The referring counselor hoped I might be able to meet with him via virtual interview, prescribe the medication and have someone take it to him, but the nature of the medication is such that 1) I can’t prescribe it unless I physically see the person, and 2) I can only prescribe it if that evaluation takes place in Arizona or South Carolina, the two states where I am licensed. I do initiate the virtual (video) initial interview, in part to confirm the history but also to deliver the news that I can’t meet the need; he is there, I am here, and never the twain shall meet…


I learned to fly years ago, at one time an accomplished private pilot with commercial and instrument ratings. As income has decreased and age increased, the opportunities to fly have been few. A member of our church allowed me to become a part owner of an old (less so than I, but more so than any of my children) single engine Cessna, which I do get to fly on occasion; it was one of the activities that my wife enjoyed to the very end, and one of our favorite trips was to a small regional airport in the southern part of AZ, on which sits the prototypical airport diner, rich in cholesterol, high test caffeine, and aviation wall hangings. 

I explain to the global worker the insurmountable limitations that will keep me from being able to prescribe what he needs. Jokingly I add, if only you could get to Arizona, I might be able to make it work. He then tells me that his agency has a small training facility located in southern AZ, hidden away, not known to many, but he is due there for a one week administrative meeting. I have to look it up: located about 30 minutes from the airport described above


As I write I have just completed the logbook entries: one hour flight down, one hour flight back. Breakfast: 2 eggs, hash browns, wheat toast, black coffee strength approaching illegal. Evaluation completed, in person. One year supply of medication prescribed, legally. Global worker happy. GRC delivers again, “on the field”. Boom.

My God Rocks!

Our God most certainly does rock and His timing is prefect.  The goal of GRC is to help as many global workers as possible but we have a problem.  We have reached capacity.  Please pray God would bring more qualified counselors to GRC so that we can meet the demand, keep global workers on the field, and He may receive glory. As you pray, would you consider giving a donation to scholarship a session for someone to receive care?   When you pray and when you give, you serve global workers around the world.  Thank you for partnering with GRC.  

You enable global workers to THRIVE!

Long Airplane/Car Ride Ideas For Kids

As summer begins, many of us may be going on some long car or airplane rides.  For those trying to entertain little ones, these long trips can be daunting. In the hope of helping, I thought I would share a list of activities and toys my parents used with my siblings and I as I was growing up overseas.  Feel free to comment below and share more of your own tips and tricks for those going on long car/airplane trips in the coming months!

Handling Loneliness

Technology has allowed us to be able to connect and communicate with more people, yet loneliness continues to be an issue for many people.  There are many theories out there as to why this continues to be such a prevalent issue, but this article will focus more on a few small changes we can make towards connecting on a deeper level in order to help combat those times we begin to feel lonely.

Writing A "Not To Do" List

“Most people don’t sign up to be overwhelmed,” said GRC counselor Erik in a conversation I had with him, but many people accidentally set themselves up to become overwhelmed by saying ‘yes’ to tasks that they should say ‘no’ to.  So, how can we determine which tasks we should say ‘no’ to? How can we determine what to place on our “Not To Do” list?

A New Brother in the Faith

Hamed is a refugee from a Muslim country where there has been much internal strife; he is one of a people group of less than 300,000; there are no known believers. He is living in a nearby country and has found part time work as a “language coach” for a small group of westerners who want to learn his language.

Joel is a western “worker”, living in a difficult country with his wife and three others in their small team, in the midst of language learning so they might at some point reach out to a people group with no known believers. He is in year two of the planned three year language learning phase and has struggled to acquire this strange tongue. Only recently has Joel obtained a new “language coach”, a native speaker, but who himself has very little English skill.

Strengthening Reminders For Tough Times

When we're doing well right before everything falls apart, or when our stress level reaches the ceiling - those are the times when it can be difficult to continue to trust in our Father's goodness and perfect plan.  In a conversation with GRC staff member, Lisa, she shared a few words of wisdom from her own experience on how to cling to our faith in the middle of tough times when we may feel like letting go.

How does the Great Deceiver bring down a single woman serving as a global worker?

He twists the Word to create false expectations of self and others. He picks at the past wounds and fears of inadequacy and being “too .  . . “ (fill in the blank). He mingles guilt and shame into her calling to the field. She believes the gospel, but it gets confused with self-doubt, the need to “help” others, and the difficulty of reconciling the hope of redemption with the pain, suffering, and evil surrounding her.

5 Ways Global Workers Can Minister To Each Other

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Lisa, a member of the GRC staff.  Lisa has served overseas with her husband, Scott, for over twenty years. As we talked, we got on the topic of how we can show care for one another.  Here is what Lisa shared from her years of experience ministering to her co-workers on the field:

Growing A Community In A New Place

Think back to how you first met and became friends with your best friend. Can you remember? Sometimes growing a friendship or a community of friends can happen effortlessly, but when we move to a new location, we may find ourselves at a loss when trying to form those same deep connections.  Here are a few ideas Becky (GRC's Spiritual Director) gave when asked how to go about building a community after moving to a new place.

CONNECTIONS: A Story of Two Women

A remote village in a distant land, a strange tongue. One woman, seeking. Willing to do whatever it might take to find that which she seeks.

A compound for global workers, distant land, familiar tongue. One woman providing nursing care to more people in one day than she may have seen in a week in her “passport country”. She, too, is seeking. Also willing to do whatever it might take to find it. 

Two women, separated by culture, language, and life experience, living only miles apart. But their stories will bring them much closer together…