One of These Is Not Like the Others.

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The president of an Eastern European country; a village in the mountains of Peru; university students in China; a people group along the Mediterranean Sea; a people group in Northern India; and those with medical needs in Kenya. What do these all have in common?


All but one of these are hearing the Good News because of the involvement of generous people supporting with GRC. At this point, you’re probably thinking, “GRC isn’t an outreach organization?” You are correct, but all of the global worker families serving in the areas above would probably have left the field had they not received the help they needed, and none of them had any other viable option for help other than GRC. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, had they not received help, they were coming home! As noted, one of those places did lose their global worker family. That family had to the leave the field, and GRC is now helping them deal with the aftermath and challenging experiences they have endured in the Kingdom service. 

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