New Members of the Kingdom.

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In April, 2017, the Kingdom population was increased by two.  This couple lives in a country that we can’t name and for the safety and anonymity of all parties, names will be fictitious although the people are real. The couple had a friend that was a housekeeper for Mr. and Mrs. George, global workers living in their city.  They heard their friend talk about how the Georges were different than other people she had worked for. So they began to observe the Georges and notice the same thing.  After a lengthy period of observation, they approached the Georges and said, “You are different than anyone we have ever seen.  We want to know what you know.”  The Georges met with the couple and introduced them to the King.  


You may be wondering about the significance of a Global Worker introducing an indigenous person to the King; that’s their job, right?  And why is GRC talking about this? The significance of this story began over a year earlier when GRC was contacted by the Georges for assistance.  They were under a tremendous amount of stress. Their marriage and their work were both in jeopardy. They were already formulating plans to return home.

Under the care of GRC, they began the process of dealing with their stressors, healing their marriage; they were able to continue their work and be available to meet this couple.