Long Airplane/Car Ride Ideas For Kids


As summer begins, many of us may be going on some long car or airplane rides.  For those trying to entertain little ones, these long trips can be daunting. In the hope of helping, I thought I would share a list of activities and toys my parents used with my siblings and I as I was growing up overseas.  Feel free to comment below and share more of your own tips and tricks for those going on long car/airplane trips in the coming months!

- Bring playdough, slime, or gak.  If you can’t buy them, try these recipes:

Playdough = 2 cups of flour + 1/2 cup of salt + 2 TBS of oil + 1 cup of water + a few drops of food coloring (if desired) + mix together + store in an airtight container for up to one week

Slime = 1 five oz bottle of Elmer’s glue (clear, white, or glitter added work well) + ⅓ cup of water + ½ cup of liquid laundry starch + food coloring or glitter if desired + mix together and knead to incorporate all ingredients + store in an airtight plastic bag or container when not in use

Gak = 1 TBS of Borax powder + ½ cup of warm water + add food coloring if desired + mix together until dissolved + ½ cup of Elmer’s glue (or similar brand) + ½ cup of water + mix and knead until thoroughly mixed + store in an airtight container or bag

- Polly pockets (we had a pet shop one I loved)


- Any books that come with a CD of someone reading them out loud - you can even make your own if you want

- Repaintable Coloring Books (no mess, all fun) https://www.amazon.com/Crayola-First-Magic-Water-Paint/dp/B00S2G0DQ0/ref=zg_bs_2488755011_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=4KDCTDMCKRK38HY3NZ0J

- small cars or planes

- snacks (TIP: When you’re flying, chewing gum or eating something during takeoff and landing can help your ears adjust to the new air pressure and keep your ears from becoming painful.  For very little ones, nursing or giving a bottle during those times can help as well.)

- good headphones so if he/she is watching something they won't be as distracted because of not being able to hear the movie or cds you bought

- Many planes have monitors on the back of seats - check out the kids movies and games

- "Quiet Books" or "Busy Books" can be a great distraction http://www.discountschoolsupply.com/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?product=36003&es=237530000ESC&gclid=CImAwsel8NICFRVsfgody98LoQ

- Finger puppets for making up stories (Here’s a link for how to make your own: https://www.theidearoom.net/felt-finger-puppets-and-tutorial)

- Take time to "explore the plane" when the seatbelt sign is off or plan a few “just for fun” stops on the way to your destination if you’re on a car trip

- And here is another good list of ideas I found: http://www.parenting.com/gallery/50-ways-entertain-kids-plane?page=1


Happy Traveling!