This Is Not What I Signed Up For!

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“This is not what I signed up for!” “I thought my team would be a true community, but why do I feel so alone?” “I’ve invested three years here and have yet to see any fruit.” “My team leader expects so much; I can never measure up.” “I thought we had a good marriage, but since moving here we’ve been fighting nonstop.” “I came halfway around the world to serve God; why does He seem so far away?”


GRC care providers hear statements like these on many occasions. Often, these feelings of doubt are coupled with loneliness and isolation. While these topics might be discussed in pre-field training, the global worker may minimize or not fully comprehend the challenge. Regardless of how much pre-field training they have, global workers often arrive at their destination and find a gap between their expectations and reality. Much like premarital counseling, it’s difficult to fully prepare someone for what they may encounter. Once they start experiencing it for themselves, the gap becomes obvious.

When you’ve left behind everything familiar and are adjusting to the stresses of a new language, new culture, and expectations of leadership and supporters, that gap can be pretty hard to navigate. Sometimes it shows up in the first year; sometimes it’s down the road a ways, as struggles and losses start to build up. Discouragement, depression, anxiety, conflict and spiritual struggles may emerge, but without the support or access to care they’d have at home.

Because of people like you, GRC’s care providers are able to bring hope and help to workers in these situations. Because of people like you, GRC has the privilege to come alongside them to hear their stories, work through the difficulties and be a part of God’s process of healing and growth in their lives. Because of people like you, they often move out of survival mode to develop renewed vitality in their lives and ministries. Thanks to generous donations, workers around the world are able to access the care and support they need to continue in the work they have been called to. Your gift to the General Fund will allow GRC to continue the service these global workers need. Your gift to the Scholarship Fund will help subsidize the care some global workers can’t afford. Your tax-deductible gift can make a difference in the life of a global worker which, in turn, can make a difference in the lives of unreached people around the world. You will Enable Global Workers to THRIVE.