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A Psychiatrist's Take: Physical Self-Care

In honor of Self Care Month, we are continuing our series on the various aspects of self-care. I sat down with Barney, one of our psychiatrists, to get a physician’s perspective on physical self-care. Over the years he has served global workers in many locations, both in person and via videoconference, and has unique insight on the challenges faced in caring for oneself in a cross-cultural setting.

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Ready To Throw in the Towel!

Tyler* couldn’t believe he was saying the words out loud, but they had been bouncing around inside of him for a while. One year into a 2-year commitment serving in Asia, Tyler found himself admitting to his brother over FaceTime, “I can’t imagine doing another year here. I just want to quit and come home.”

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What Happens When You Try To Give Too Much Out Of Stores That Just Aren’t There?

How often do you find yourself reaching a breaking point? How often do you try to give more than you have and need to stop and refuel? And when you do try to stop and take a breather, how often are you filled with guilt? Who am I to sit down and take a break? Do I really deserve this when there are people who need me? But at the same time, you may start feeling dread when someone comes to your door because you know you have nothing left to give. We become resentful. We become short-tempered. We become tired. We start to burn out.

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What If You Allowed Yourself to Just Breathe?

"Why don't you slow down and take a breather?" Susan asked as Dave walked in the door, his sweat-soaked shirt sticking to his body.

"I can't really afford to sit down right now.” As Dave shut the door behind him, the hot desert air seemed to recede as the atmosphere of the house returned to a comfortable temperature. “I just came from Abdullah's house to help patch his roof and now I have to prepare for the men's Bible study tonight and finish my sermon for tomorrow.”

"I just feel like you’re driving yourself into the ground," said Susan. "You look exhausted!"

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