If you represent a sending organization and are concerned about one of your global workers or their family members, contact us for an Assessment/Consult.

    There are a couple of options in referring your global workers to GRC:

    1. If you want your global worker to get help from GRC but don't need any report or feedback from us,
    2. If you require that your global worker meets with GRC and some type of report will be required from us,
    • Download (Click here) our Authorization for Release of Information Form
    • Email the Authorization for Release of Information Form to the potential client (your global worker). GRC must obtain permission from the client in order to legally and ethically provide any information to you, the sending organization. We found it much more effective for you to request this permission at the beginning of the process.
    • Email Curtis McGown, LMHC, Executive Director of GRC - curtis@godspeedresources.org
      • Include
        • Signed Authorization for Release of Information Form
        • Summary of concerns you would like GRC to assess or address with your global worker. This ensures that we meet your expectations in caring for your global worker.
        • Whether you would like a verbal or written report or both
    • Email the link to our online intake form (www.godspeedresources.org/get-started/) to your global worker 
    • We will assign a Provider to conduct the initial assessment (typically via video-conferencing) and then make a verbal or written report back to you with recommendations. Written reports will be given to the client for their review before submitting them to you, so that they are fully aware of what we are reporting to you. 
    • Our recommendations usually include one of the following:
      • We can work with the client directly via video-conferencing
      • Send the client to another member care organization in a country nearby where they are located
      • Bring the client to Columbia, SC for us to provide intensive care services
      • Send the client to their hometown for longer term care and support network