Enabling Global Workers to Thrive


Our goal is to develop an ongoing relationship with you, the global worker, so that you have a partner to journey with you in your development. Instead of taking a "once and done" approach, we strive to know you, your environment, and your community so that we can offer the most informed and tailored care possible to maximize your potential for thriving in all realms of life. 

Since we are committed to being so heavily invested in the lives of those we serve, it is necessary for us to focus our efforts on particular geographic areas. Currently, our primary focus is on the island nation of Indonesia

Our providers take scheduled trips across the nation throughout the year.  Although we are not able to visit every city and location, we are able to make care resources much more obtainable for those of you working in Indonesia.  


With a committed multi-disciplinary staff, GRC offers: on-field visits, counseling, check-ups, consulting, and workshops.  Between our regularly scheduled field visits we offer several of these services through a secure video-conferencing platform.

On-Field Trip Schedule

Upcoming Trips

Oct./ Nov. 2019: Salatiga, Sentani

Past Trips


April/ May 2019: Malang, Salatiga, Sentani


Oct.: Denpasar, Makassar, Malang, Salatiga, Sentani

Apr.: Malang, Salatiga, Sentani


Oct.: Malang, Salatiga, Sentani

Apr./May: Malang, Salatiga, Sentani

Feb.: Bandung, Denpasar, Makassar


Oct.: Salatiga, Sentani

Apr.: Denpasar, Sentani

Feb./Mar.: Bandung, Salatiga