Professional counseling & consulting services available

across Indonesia this Oct./ Nov. 2019 in:


Sentani (Oct. 25th - 29th)

Salatiga (Nov. 1st - 5th)


How do I schedule an appointment?

Simple... just click the link below and book your preferred location and you'll be directed to a page where you can sign up to meet with one of the GRC care providers.


What are the fees?

Here are the basics... GRC strives to reduce obstacles to help ensure that folks receive the care they need.  For this reason we operate on a donation system.  GRC's current suggested donation rate is $100 per session (typically 60-90 minutes in length).  After your session(s), the opportunity will be afforded to make a donation to the organization (or have another entity do so upon your behalf), however financial limitations will never exclude you from receiving care.  

GRC invests the bulk of the costs for sending their professional care providers to the field.  The donations received for services do not go to the individual providers, but rather go toward paying for the expenses of the trip.  Each future trip is largely dependent on receiving sufficient donations to pay for the associated travel costs.  If you have further questions regarding donations for service, please feel free to discuss them with your care provider.


Who will I be meeting with?

Glad you asked... here are the care providers that will be serving on this trip:


Rich Morey, Ph.D.


Rich has been married for 30+ and has four launched kids. For 25 years he worked as a supervising psychologist at a large forensic psychiatric hospital in California. In that challenging environment Rich became well acquainted with assessing and treating severe mental illness. Currently he focuses his work around a part-time counseling practice in which he works with teenagers, individuals, couples, and families. Rich’s approach to helping others has been described as practical and problem-focused—-while also a bit unconventional and at times unorthodox. Rich serves annually at a global worker retreat (TRACTION) and he and his wife open their home to workers while they are on furlough in the States.

For fun, Rich enjoys cycling, swimming, hanging out with his adult kids, and going to San Francisco Giants baseball games. During recent years Rich has been personally challenged to ponder and explore matters connected to being more quiet, listening for God’s voice, being less hurried, and making space for Sabbath rest—this is all a work in progress.

*For the Oct./ Nov. 2019 trip, Rich will be available for counseling appointments in: Sentani & Salatiga.


Jo Marturano, MD - Psychiatrist


Jo has been caring for global workers in her office since going into the private practice of psychiatry and on the field with frequent short term trips to Haiti since 2010. She has a heart to help carry the burdens of overseas workers, and is excited to join this GRC team that loves and serves others so very well, fueled with love, forgiveness and joy from above. She has experience with adolescents through adults in the prescribing of medications to help with stresses including PTSD, overload, depression/discouragement, ADHD, OCD, and other anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders and other emotional reactions to life’s events that are too many to name here.

In her free time, she enjoys time with her family (her husband Gregg and two adult daughters,) water skiing year round, and anything else outdoors.

*For the Oct./ Nov. 2019 trip, Jo will be available for counseling appointments in: Sentani & Salatiga.


Erik P. Troyer, MA, LPC


Erik is a licensed professional counselor by training and profession. Having lived as a global worker for a significant portion of his adult life, he lends empathetic ears and insight to those he works with.

Although he now calls South Carolina home, Erik lived and worked in Indonesia for years with his wife and three children. Having had the privilege of residing and working in several places and capacities in Southeast Asia, he understands well the challenges and blessings of living in this unique corner of the world.

When not engaged with work or family-centered activities, you’ll likely find him playing in the dirt on his tractor, riding a motorcycle, involved in a project around the house, or playing table tennis or billiards.

*For the Oct./ Nov. 2019 trip, Erik will be available for counseling appointments in: Sentani & Salatiga.


** If you should experience technical challenges in signing up for an appointment, please feel free to email GRC’s on-field director directly at:  <>.