You are invited to an evening of discussion surrounding the topic of parenting.


What can I expect from this workshop?

This workshop will be facilitated by GRC care providers, however it will be interactive in nature.  The time will include teaching elements, group reflection opportunities as well as a Q&A panel where more specific questions can be raised and addressed.  The hope is that there will be insights gleaned from both the experience and training of the facilitators, but also the cross-pollination of the participants as well.  


Dates, Time, Location...

Dates: There will be two workshop dates held: Sun., April 22nd & Tues., April 24th.  

Time: 6:00-8:00pm

Location: The location is still to be determined.  You will receive an email closer to the date with directions.


How do I sign up to attend this workshop?

Just click the link below, choose the date that works best for you and enter your information.  You'll receive a confirmation email upon successful signup.  To maintain an interactive environment, there will be a maximum of fourteen slots available for each night, so sign up now to reserve your spot.


Is there a cost?

This workshop will not have a cost associated with it, however there will be a no-pressure opportunity afforded to donate to the ministry of GRC.  

GRC invests significant resources to send their professional care providers to the field.  The donations received for services do not go to the individual providers (because they are donating their time and expertise), but rather go toward paying for the expenses of the trip.  Each future trip is dependent on receiving sufficient donations to pay for the associated travel costs.  If you have further questions regarding donations for service, please feel free to discuss them with one of the care providers.


** If you should experience technical challenges in signing up for this interactive workshop, please feel free to email me directly at:  <>.