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GRC is a group of credentialed professionals providing a variety of restorative and preventative care services to enable global workers to thrive. We work within the parameters of legal and ethical guidelines for each of our respective professions. 

We offer these services in three settings.

  1. In person in Columbia, SC

  2. In person in Indonesia - Learn More

    • Currently serving Malang, Sentani and Salatiga biannually

    • Services also provided occasionally in Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Makassar

  3. Online Care: using a video/tele-conferencing platform for anyone located outside the U.S.


Description of Services

  • Counseling is a restorative process for those struggling emotionally, relationally, mentally, developmentally, behaviorally, or spiritually. We can help assess the root cause(s) and severity of your struggle, provide recommendations for care, and guide you through a restoration process. You and your Counselor will determine how many sessions will be needed.

($100 per one hour session)

  • Spiritual Direction is a place to be still before the Lord in the presence of another where you may listen for His words of guidance and transformation. We recommend beginning with a course of six monthly sessions.

 ($50 per 1 hour session)

  • 2-Day Debrief is a preventative/maintenance process that enables you to reflect, process, and integrate your experiences of serving cross-culturally. We individualize this process to your needs using a variety of creative activities, reflection, and verbal processing. This process is facilitated by your own Debriefer. We help you process your past experiences, assess your current well-being, and make plans for moving forward. This service is available for singles, couples, and families. We recommend the 2-Day Debrief after each term.

($900 per 2 day debrief)

  • Assessment/Consult is available when sending organizations need assistance in determining the nature and severity of a global worker's struggle. After meeting with the global worker (usually via video-conferencing), we can provide a verbal or written summary report with recommendations for the well-being of the worker and/or family involved.

(Please Contact For Details )

  • Psychiatry - Evaluations & Consultations are conducted by our licensed psychiatrists. The evaluations can help assess particular problems and help with treatment recommendations. Consultations can help with medication recommendations or management. Our Psychiatrists may also be able to consult with your prescribing physician in some cases.

($100 per one hour session)

  • Consulting is a service GRC offers to sending organizations to help develop a customized member care plan for their global workers. Email Curtis McGown, LMHC, Executive Director of GRC at to request consulting.


  • Workshops are available on a variety of member care topics upon request.


If you have a questions regarding any aspect of care, email our Executive Director, Curtis, Licensed Professional Counselor -