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There are many reasons global workers experience excessive stress overseas. You’ve read a few. On the surface, many stressors seem very insignificant, but compound them with the challenges of living in a different culture, speaking a second language, unfulfilled or unrealistic expectations, little to no local support, and raising a family. The list could go on. Begin combining these stressors and it feels more like multiplication that addition. Often to the point of becoming unbearable. The results range from dysfunction, depression or even leaving the work they are called to do.

You can make a difference in the lives of global workers living and serving oversea. You can help real people face real challenges. Your monthly gift will provide the help needed to allow global workers to deal with the problems they face without uprooting their lives and family. You can be the reason they stay on the field.

Donate Now and become a member of the growing community of people dedicated to provide mental health care to global workers around the world. Become a member of the Thrive Tribe today. Together, the Thrive Tribe can impact the world.

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Look back at some of the reasons global workers struggle.