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Cross-Cultural Life

As a global worker, you have been given incredible strength and commitment to live cross-culturally, but the reality is, it’s hard – sometimes real hard.

While you are following your calling, you face challenges almost unfathomable to other Westerners.  People think you ‘have it all together,’ but below the surface, you know you don’t.  Are you experiencing any of the following?

Personal Struggles

  • You’ve fallen – or you can’t stop falling – and thus harbor deep shame.

  • You feel an unexplainable, profound sadness, despair, and hopelessness.

  • Despite promises of a peace that surpasses all understanding, you live in a state of constant fear, anxiety and worry.

Cultural Stress

  • Something really terrible has happened, and you’re struggling to make sense of that, how that fits into the big plan.

  • The important work for which you have given everything has left you over-extended, exhausted, and emptied-out – and all of this has caused you feel so weary that you can’t go another day, much less accomplish what you have gone to do.

Relational Challenges

  • Resentment, distrust, or coldness has arisen in your marriage or with your children, and you don’t know how to reconcile.

  • You have been betrayed or let down by those people who should have had your back but didn’t, so you feel angry and isolated – even while you can’t get away from them.


GRC Can Help

… so that you can grow in spiritual, emotional, and relational health in order to be faithful and content in life and work

Because, as you know, true strength arises only out of weakness – and power from surrender. We are here to help you through these challenges. Our services are designed to strengthen you, our fellow workers, in the fulfillment of your unique callings with joy, excellence, and longevity.

GRC is an independent, faith-based group caring exclusively for global workers sent to serve cross-culturally. As credentialed mental health professionals, we provide counseling, psychiatry, and spiritual direction via live video-conferencing for those located outside of the United States, and the same services, along with debriefing, in-person in our South Carolina office. Consistent with our ethical guidelines, we strictly maintain your confidentiality and share information only with those you choose.


How It Works


Fill out secure online Service Request Intake Form, letting us know if you need online or in-person care

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Our Team reviews your needs

We assign you a Care Provider for Initial Assessment Session or will make another recommendation

If you have a questions regarding any aspect of care, email our Executive Director, Curtis, Licensed Professional Counselor - curtis@godspeedresources.org


Cost of Thriving Overseas

Cost of No Care

You’d like to think that this can go on forever, but you know it can’t. The pot will eventually boil over and the top pop off – or, as you wither, so will the work you are doing. Then, in the back of your mind, you worry… if that happens, there’s the costly practical issues:

  • packing up the house,

  • buying a plane ticket for yourself and everyone in your family,

  • months away from work producing future uncertainty,

  • risking the loss of your visa,

  • communicating with donors,

  • paying for U.S. housing and living expenses, and on top of it all,

  • still requiring care from people who may have no understanding of your unique situation nor concern for your central-most priorities, and at U.S. rates with scheduling, waiting rooms, deductibles, explanation of benefits forms, etc., etc.

But it’s scary considering whether to receive psychological help. We understand – it’s okay to not be okay.

Cost of Convenient Care

Initial Assessment Session = $200** (up to 2 hours)
Because you matter, we want to make sure that we fully understand your needs and situation to offer you the best service possible, so we spend more time in our initial session together.
Counseling = $100* (1 hour)
Psychiatry = $50* (½ hour)
Spiritual Direction = $50 (1 hour); 1x month for 6 months
Debriefing = $900 (2 days); singles, couples, and families with children

* Costs for Psychiatry and Counseling are based on $100 per hour, so the actual cost will reflect the amount of time spent.
** Because of our commitment to quality and in order to provide you the best care possible, the Initial Assessment Session is typically twice as long as a regular counseling session.

If you are concerned about your ability to pay for services; Learn More.