We live and serve in a broken world that sometimes leads us to don protective masks.  Yet our true selves long to be unveiled before God and others (2 Cor 3:16-18).

Spiritual direction is a place to come away and rediscover your true self, beloved by God, in the presence of another. It is a place to lay aside your burdens and be still in His Presence. It is a place to be refreshed in His Word and to be renewed to re-engage with life and ministry.

In a typical spiritual direction session there will be a time to reflect on Scripture passages in order that the Holy Spirit might illuminate God’s Word to you.  The spiritual director listens and asks questions to guide you in discerning what God desires to show you.

Do you desire to experience more of the personal friendship Jesus offers (John 15:9-17)?  Do you long to live more freely as Abba’s child (Romans 8:14-17)?  Do you desire to serve others from a place of joy and peace as you trust in the overflowing hope of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13)?

We invite you to a journey of transformation through spiritual direction.